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Welcome to kinlochbervie kempo.  The most North Westerly martial arts group in the country!!

We are a very small and non political group who are offering friendly and enthusiastic martial arts training for kids  from the age of 5 and upwards and adults classes too!!!

Sam Barnes (pictured right)  is the instructor for kinlochbervie kempo.

Teaching with the kind permission of his own instructor Alan Mitchell Sensei of kingsmills kempo/smithton kempo/Kensei kai Iaido and Scottish fighting arts society.

Sam has accreditation to teach both Kempo (hand to hand combat along with hand vs weapon). And Iaido (Japanese sword art).


Shodan (Black belt) in Iaido (Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu - Seitei) .

1st Kyu (Brown belt) Kempo 

1st Dan (Black belt) Jodo

Kinlochbervie kempo is a fully insured and regulated group and brings in external instructors to grade the students. Sam is PVG certified and first aid trained and certified.

People of any fitness level or martial arts background are welcome to attend!!