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Classes      (first class is free).


Ninja's     (ages 5-8) £3.50 per session.

Juniors    (ages 9-15  and over)  £3.50 per session.

Adults      (Iaido,  Jodo or Kempo) - (ages 16 plus) £4.50 per session.

Grading's  (Kempo)  -  (usually every 3 months until entering the higher grades).

  Ninja's/Minis/Juniors -  £15 (includes grading time/instruction, certificate and new


 Seniors  - £20 (includes grading time/instruction, certificate and new belt).

  Iaido -  (16 and over) - You will be told when you are ready to grade and the prices       will depend on where the grading is held

Training Clothing  ( gi )  You can wait for a month or two to ensure you are enjoying the classes before committing  to buying  this to  ease the financial burden!


Ninja's/mini's and Juniors £20 - £25 depending on cloth weight.

  Seniors £25 - £35 depending on cloth weight.


Insurance  (you will need to be insured as soon as you feel you are  ready to continue with ongoing training, or your instructor deems  it time to do so).




Photographs/videos of classes may be taken to be used on the website or Facebook. No images are stored outwith the website or Facebook page, or are allowed to be used elsewhere. However please inform the instructor before the class if you are unhappy for your own / your child's image to be used.  Failure to make your lack of consent known will constitute your permission for those images to be both taken and used on the facebook page, news articles and this website.

 All prices are correct at the time of publishing but are subject to change as and when it is necessary.