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As with any physical activity there are rules  and etiquette to practicing martial arts...

Some of these are for the safety of the student performing the techniques. Some are for the safety of others in the class.

Some of the etiquette involved may at first seem strange to you if you have never experienced it before, however it has existed for well over a thousand years. And is practiced in just about every dojo (training hall) in the world.

Listed below are the basic rules of the dojo, and some important points for the practitioner.

1. Everybody who is taking part in class MUST bow when entering or leaving the Dojo.

2. We bow to our training partners both before and after we have practiced together.

3. Students bow to any/all instructors at the beginning/end of class.

4. NO SHOES ON THE MAT (unless they are training shoes used only for this purpose and are not worn outside)!

5. Students should be clean before starting class (nothing is more certain to make you lose friendly training partners than smelly breath or dirty clothing)!!!

6. Respect your training partners and Sensei's (teachers) .

7. If your training partner taps to indicate they are in pain, or they say stop. YOU STOP.

8. Any student believed to be using any of the technique's taught, (regardless of whether they are inside or outside of the dojo) without a justifiable reason will be asked to leave the class. ONLY the instructor will decide whether or not to exclude the student as well as when or if the student may return to training.

9. Family members are more than welcome to sit and watch you train.  However they are there by invitation only  and as such must stay off  the training area and not involve themselves in the training or distract the students from training.  If the guest sees something which they believe needs to be addressed, they need to attract the attention of the instructor who will then attempt to resolve the problem.